Who Founded Old Chicago Restaurant?

Old Chicago restaurant was founded by a passionate group of individuals who shared a common love for good food, great company, and an undying appreciation for the art of brewing beer. Drawing inspiration from the rich and vibrant history of Chicago, a city known for it’s culinary excellence and cultural diversity, these pioneers set out on a mission to create a dining experience that would capture the essence and spirit of the Windy City. With meticulous attention to detail, they meticulously curated a menu that showcased the very best of Chicago's deep-dish pizza, Italian beef sandwiches, and other iconic dishes, while also incorporating their own innovative twists and flavors. Their commitment to excellence extended beyond just the food, as they also sought to forge a warm and welcoming atmosphere that would make every diner feel like a part of the Old Chicago family.

How Did Old Chicago Get It’s Name?

In the realm of culinary experiences, Old Chicago stands as a symbol of timeless tradition and captivating flavors. Since it’s inception in 1976, this casual dining restaurant has captivated the hearts and palates of pizza enthusiasts worldwide. But have you ever wondered how this establishment acquired it’s distinctive name? The answer takes us back to the colorful era of the 1970s, where pinball machines were a prevalent form of entertainment.

During this vibrant period, an inspiring pinball machine emerged, christened “Old Chicago.”. This arcade marvel truly captured the essence of the Windy City, featuring captivating illustrations of renowned gangsters and their glamorous companions, often referred to as “dolls.”. The machine became an instant hit, captivating the imagination of many as they reveled in the world of mobsters.

Thus, Old Chicago emerged as a testament to the allure and intrigue of this bygone era. As patrons step into this culinary haven, they’re transported back in time, where the ambiance combines with the delectable wonders of Chicago-style pizzas, tantalizing pasta dishes, and an extensive selection of over 110 craft beers. This opulent experience is further enhanced by their iconic World Beer Tour loyalty program, which encourages the exploration and appreciation of various beer styles from across the globe.

Old Chicago, a well-known restaurant and sports bar that was founded in Boulder in 1976, recently faced closure due to an inability to reach an agreement on a new lease with the building’s owner. Renowned for it’s delicious pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, and beer, Old Chicago has been a beloved establishment with a vibrant atmosphere.

Why Did Old Chicago Close Down?

Old Chicago, a beloved establishment that had stood the test of time, unfortunately met an untimely demise. The closure of this iconic venue left many wondering the reasons behind it’s sudden departure from the culinary scene. Rumors swirled, whispers were exchanged, but the truth was shrouded in secrecy.

Official statements released by Old Chicago officials explained that an agreement on a new lease with the owner of the building couldn’t be reached. A clash of interests, perhaps, or a divergence in visions led to this unfortunate impasse. The once vibrant and bustling space now stands deserted, a stark reminder of the fickle nature of business negotiations.

Founded in Boulder in 1976, Old Chicago had become a cornerstone of the community. It’s reputation for delectable pizza, mouthwatering hamburgers, and hearty sandwiches had garnered a loyal and passionate following. The ambiance of the establishment, with it’s blend of restaurant and sports bar vibes, provided a unique experience that kept customers coming back for more.

For decades, Old Chicago had been a haven for those seeking a satisfying meal accompanied by a cold pint of beer. People would flock to it’s doors, drawn by the promise of a comforting and delicious dining experience. Memories were made within the walls of this cherished establishment, friendships forged, and laughter shared. The closure of Old Chicago represents not only the end of an era but the loss of a cherished gathering place.

Although the exact circumstances surrounding the failure to secure a new lease agreement remain a mystery, one thing is clear: Old Chicagos absence leaves a void in the hearts and stomachs of it’s loyal patrons. The closure serves as a poignant reminder of the ever-changing landscape of the restaurant industry, where even establishments with a rich history and devoted fanbase can be swept away by the winds of change.

As the dust settles and time passes, the name Old Chicago will continue to evoke nostalgia and fond memories. Though it’s physical presence may have faded into the annals of history, the impact it had on the community will forever be etched in the collective consciousness. Farewell, Old Chicago, you’ll be sorely missed.

The History and Evolution of Old Chicago Throughout the Years

Old Chicago is a popular chain of restaurants that’s an interesting history and has evolved over time. It was founded in 1976 in Boulder, Colorado, and it’s initial focus was on deep-dish pizza and craft beer. Over the years, Old Chicago expanded it’s menu to include a variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and other delicious options. The brand also became known for it’s distinctive atmosphere, which combined a warm and welcoming neighborhood feel with a love for sports. As Old Chicago continued to grow, it started offering more diverse beer selections and became a hub for craft beer enthusiasts. Today, Old Chicago has locations across the United States and continues to evolve to meet the changing tastes and preferences of it’s customers.

Source: Old Chicago

Old Chicago, a popular restaurant chain, has a significant presence with a total of 96 locations throughout the United States. CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries oversees 60 restaurants under the Old Chicago name, while franchise partnerships add an additional 36 locations to the mix. Spanning across 22 states, Old Chicago offers it’s diverse menu and cozy atmosphere to patrons across the country.

How Many Old Chicago Locations Are There?

CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries operates 60 restaurants under the name Old Chicago, making it a popular choice for diners across the United States. However, it’s important to note that CraftWorks doesn’t solely own or operate all of the Old Chicago locations. In fact, there are 36 additional locations that are owned and operated by franchise partners.

With a total of 96 locations, Old Chicago has a strong presence in the restaurant industry.

Whether youre a fan of their signature deep-dish pizzas or prefer their extensive menu of craft beers, Old Chicago has something for everyone. The restaurant chain has successfully carved out a niche in the market by combining a comfortable and inviting environment with a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Old Chicagos commitment to quality and innovation has allowed it to thrive in a highly competitive industry. By offering a variety of food and drink options, as well as a welcoming atmosphere, Old Chicago has become a go-to destination for many diners.

Expansion Plans: Analyze Old Chicago’s Growth Strategy and Plans for Future Expansion, Including Any Upcoming Restaurant Openings or New Markets the Company Is Targeting.

  • Analyze Old Chicago’s growth strategy and plans for future expansion
  • Explore any upcoming restaurant openings
  • Investigate new markets the company is targeting

In the year 1976, a culinary gem emerged in Boulder, Colorado – the very first Old Chicago Pizza and Tap Room restaurant. With it’s humble beginnings in this charming city, Old Chicago has since become a beloved institution nationwide, captivating taste buds with it’s signature pizza and extensive beer selection. Let’s journey back to where it all began, and delve into the history and evolution of this iconic establishment.

Where Was the First Old Chicago Restaurant?

The first Old Chicago Pizza and Tap Room restaurant opened it’s doors in the charming city of Boulder, Colorado, back in the year 197Nestled in the midst of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, this iconic establishment quickly became a beloved local hotspot that encapsulated the essence of Colorados vibrant dining scene. With it’s rustic atmosphere and mouthwatering menu offerings, it quickly gained a loyal following among both locals and visitors alike.

Located on the bustling Pearl Street Mall, the original Old Chicago restaurant perfectly embodied the laid-back yet dynamic spirit of Boulder. Boasting a cozy interior adorned with quirky memorabilia and vintage décor, it effortlessly captured the essence of the citys culture and charm. Patrons were immediately captivated by the inviting ambiance that welcomed them upon entering.

Of course, it wasnt just the ambiance that drew people in – it was the delectable pizzas and wide selection of craft beers that truly set Old Chicago apart. With a focus on Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas, the restaurant quickly gained a reputation for serving up slice after slice of cheesy, satisfying goodness. And with over 110 different beers on tap, beer enthusiasts could explore a vast array of flavors from both local and international breweries.

Old Chicago, a renowned establishment, has a rich history that dates back to it’s founding by Frank Day. With it’s legacy carried forward through the generations, Phil, the son of Frank, stands as the proud owner of the Old Chicago building today. As we delve deeper, let’s explore the remarkable story behind this iconic place and the traditions it upholds.

Who Founded Old Chicago?

Old Chicago, a popular chain of restaurants and entertainment venues, was founded by Frank Day. His dedication and entrepreneurial spirit set the stage for what would become a beloved destination for food enthusiasts and fun-seekers alike.

Since it’s inception, Old Chicago has continuously evolved and expanded it’s offerings, providing customers with an extensive menu of delicious dishes and a vibrant atmosphere. With an emphasis on showcasing a wide range of craft beers, the restaurant quickly gained a reputation for being a go-to spot for beer connoisseurs. This dedication to quality and variety helped Old Chicago solidify it’s position as a leader in the industry.

Throughout the years, Old Chicago has been passed down through the generations, with Frank Days son Phil now serving as the owner of the building. Phil has committed himself to preserving the rich legacy of the establishment, ensuring that the original vision set forth by his father remains at the forefront. Under his guidance, Old Chicago has continued to thrive, attracting loyal customers who appreciate it’s delicious food, extensive beer selection, and vibrant ambiance.

Old Chicago’s Expansion and Franchising: Detail Any Plans or History of Old Chicago Expanding Beyond It’s Original Location, Including the Number of Current Locations and Any Opportunities for Potential Franchisees. Discuss the Expansion Strategy and How Old Chicago Maintains Consistency and Quality Across Different Locations.

  • Old Chicago has a rich history of expansion and franchising beyond it’s original location
  • Currently, there are numerous Old Chicago locations across various states
  • These locations provide potential opportunities for aspiring franchisees
  • The expansion strategy of Old Chicago focuses on maintaining consistency and quality
  • Through stringent guidelines and protocols, Old Chicago ensures uniformity across different locations
  • Franchisees are required to adhere to specific standards to uphold the brand’s reputation
  • This approach guarantees that customers can expect the same exceptional experience regardless of the Old Chicago location they visit
  • Old Chicago continues to evaluate potential expansion opportunities to bring it’s signature food and ambiance to new areas


This individual, through relentless determination and an unwavering commitment to quality, established a beloved establishment that’s stood the test of time. Old Chicago's legacy is a testament to the power of one person's entrepreneurial spirit and their ability to create a lasting impact on an entire industry. The story of who founded Old Chicago restaurant is a testament to the power of ideas, innovation, and the pursuit of a dream.

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