The Son of Baconator Size: A Hearty Delight for Burger Lovers

The Son of Baconator, a delectable creation unveiled by Wendy's in 2012, conquered taste buds with it’s irresistible combination of flavors. This mouthwatering masterpiece features not one, but two perfectly grilled, perfectly seasoned beef patties, each weighing in at a satisfyingly substantial 2.25 ounces. Adorned with three crispy strips of bacon that add a heavenly smoky note, and topped with two slices of creamy, melted cheese, this burger is a true culinary triumph. What sets the Son of Baconator apart is it’s ability to deliver a wallet-friendly option without compromising on taste or substance, providing a more economical alternative to the Baconator Single, while boasting even more succulent beef in each glorious bite.

How Many Ounces Is a Son of a Baconator?

The Son of Baconator, aptly named, is the offspring of the iconic Baconator. This delectable burger embodies everything you’d expect from it’s prodigious parent. The distinguishing feature of the Son of Baconator lies in it’s size, with two 2.25-ounce patties replacing the standard quarters of a pound. This variation allows for a more petite yet equally flavorsome creation.

Despite it’s size, the Son of Baconator retains the fundamental elements that made it’s progenitor renowned. Each bite offers a symphony of savors, combining succulent beef patties with generous layers of bacon. Accompanied by classic fixings such as lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, this burger boasts a compact form that ensures the utmost taste satisfaction.

With the Son of Baconator, Wendys has succeeded in crafting a burger that encapsulates the essence of it’s lineage while still providing a distinct culinary experience. This embodiment of it’s celebrated parent simultaneously pays homage to the original Baconator and caters to those seeking a more modest portion size. The result is a harmonious blend of flavors encapsulated within a more compact framework.

What Size Patty Is on a Baconator?

When it comes to indulging in a mouthwatering burger, the Wendys Baconator certainly takes center stage. But have you ever wondered about the size of the patty nestled within this iconic sandwich? Well, wonder no more! The Baconator proudly boasts two hearty 1/4lb patties crafted from 100% pure fresh beef. Thats right – each patty weighs in at a generous quarter of a pound, ensuring a satisfying and fulfilling burger experience.

Of course, the patty is just the beginning of the Baconators delectable composition. As if the succulent beef wasnt enough, this beloved burger masterpiece is accompanied by a whopping six strips of Applewood Bacon. Each strip is carefully cooked to crispy perfection, delivering a delightful crunch with every bite. The combination of the juicy beef and the smoky, savory bacon creates a flavor explosion that truly sets the Baconator apart from the crowd.

As if that werent enough, the Baconator continues to impress with it’s cheese game. Three slices of mouthwatering cheese are layered atop the patties and bacon, adding a creamy and indulgent element to this already decadent delight. With each gooey, melty bite, the cheese amplifies the richness of the burger, making it an irresistible treat for cheese-lovers everywhere.

But the wonders of the Baconator don’t stop there. Wendys signature mayonnaise and ketchup combo perfectly complements the other ingredients, adding a tangy and savory touch that ties everything together harmoniously. The creamy mayo and tangy ketchup create a symphony of flavors that elevate the Baconator to an entirely new level of deliciousness.

To complete this masterpiece, the Baconator is encased in two bakery-style buns, providing the perfect vessel to hold all these wonderful flavors together. Soft, yet sturdy, these buns ensure that each bite is a perfectly balanced combination of meat, bacon, cheese, and condiments.

It’s then lavishly dressed with Wendys signature mayo and ketchup combo, sandwiched between two bakery-style buns. It’s a flavor experience that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning of burger enthusiasts.

The Nutritional Information of the Baconator: How Many Calories, Fat, and Sodium Does It Contain?

  • The nutritional information of the Baconator:
  • Calories: 960
  • Total Fat: 62 grams
  • Sodium: 1,940 milligrams

The Son of Baconator is a delicious burger that doesn’t hold back on flavor. With two NZ quality mark sourced beef patties, four slices of Manuka smoked bacon, and NZ cheese, it’s a mouthwatering treat nestled between a warm bun. Now, let’s delve into some interesting facts about this scrumptious creation.

How Many Patties Are on the Son of Baconator?

The Son of Baconator isn’t your average sandwich. With it’s roots deeply intertwined in quality, this culinary creation boasts two succulent NZ quality mark sourced beef patties as it’s foundation. Each patty, meticulously crafted to perfection, is a testament to the commitment to excellence that defines this sandwich.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Four slices of Manuka smoked bacon grace the Son of Baconator, adding a smoky and savory dimension to the flavor profile. These strips of bacon aren’t just any ordinary bacon; they’re carefully selected to meet the highest standards, ensuring that each bite is a heavenly experience.

To further enhance the delectable taste, a generous amount of NZ cheese is liberally applied atop the patties and bacon. This cheese, sourced locally and crafted with expertise, brings a creamy and indulgent element to the already mouthwatering ensemble.

All of this goodness comes nestled between the welcoming embrace of a warm bun. This bun serves as the perfect vehicle to hold together the exquisite layers of flavors. Soft yet sturdy, it complements the richness of the patties, bacon, and cheese, creating a harmonious symphony for your taste buds.

The Origin and History of the Son of Baconator Sandwich

The Son of Baconator sandwich is a popular fast food item that was introduced by Wendy’s, a fast food chain, in 2008. It’s a smaller version of their original Baconator sandwich, which was launched in 2007. The Son of Baconator features two beef patties, American cheese, six strips of bacon, ketchup, and mayo, all served on a bun. This sandwich has gained popularity for it’s delicious combination of flavors and generous amount of bacon. Despite being a relatively new addition to the Wendy’s menu, the Son of Baconator has quickly become a fan-favorite among fast food enthusiasts.


In conclusion, Wendy's innovative introduction of the Son of Baconator in 2012 successfully provided customers with a more economical option that didn’t compromise on flavor or quantity. With it’s two smaller beef patties, three strips of bacon, and two slices of cheese, this burger not only satisfied the cravings for a classic bacon cheeseburger but also offered more beef compared to it’s counterpart. Wendy's ability to cater to the diverse preferences and budgets of their customers with the Son of Baconator showcases their commitment to delivering a satisfying and value-conscious dining experience.

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