KFC: Enjoy 9 Pieces on Tuesday – Still On!

From their secret blend of herbs and spices to their mouthwatering sides, KFC has become a household name synonymous with indulgence and satisfaction. And for those craving a taste of their famous chicken, Tuesdays offer an extra special treat with the 9 pieces deal still on. This tantalizing offer allows customers to enjoy nine succulent pieces of KFC's renowned chicken at an unbeatable value. So whether you're planning a family dinner, hosting a gathering with friends, or simply treating yourself to a tasty meal, KFC's 9 pieces Tuesday is a tantalizing option that’s sure to leave you coming back for more. Indulge in the crispy, golden goodness of KFC's legendary chicken and savor the flavors that have made them a global sensation. Don't miss out on this mouthwatering deal and make sure to mark your Tuesdays for a finger-licking feast that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

How Long Is KFC Tuesday on For?

KFC Tuesday is an enticing offer that many chicken lovers eagerly wait for. It’s a day to satisfy your cravings for KFCs finger-licking good chicken at an unbeatable value. As per the announcement, KFC Tuesday will run for a limited time from 26 July to 30 August 202So mark your calendars and make sure not to miss out on this clucking great deal!

With a bucket thats perfect for sharing or tucking into solo, theres no judgment here. KFC recognizes that everyone has their own chicken preferences, and they strive to cater to all.

To avail yourself of this incredible offer, you’ve two convenient options. You can visit your local KFC restaurant and enjoy the delightful atmosphere while devouring your Tuesday treat. Alternatively, for those on the go, you can simply tap the KFC app to place your order and savor that crispy, succulent chicken wherever you are.

Dont forget to spread the word and let your friends and family know about this incredible offer. KFC Tuesday is the perfect excuse to gather together, indulge in delicious food, and create unforgettable memories.

What Are the Specific Deals and Offers Available on KFC Tuesday?

  • Special discounts on popular KFC menu items
  • Buy one, get one free deals on select items
  • Combo offers at discounted prices
  • Discounted meal options for families and groups
  • Exclusive deals for online orders
  • Limited-time promotions on new menu items
  • Discounted prices on KFC’s signature buckets of chicken
  • Extra savings when you join the KFC loyalty program
  • Special offers for KFC app users

Are you craving some delicious fried chicken from KFC? Well, you’re in luck because every Tuesday, KFC offers a special deal where you can get 6 items for just Rs. 239. This tempting offer doesn’t require any promo code, so you can simply head over to your nearest KFC outlet and indulge in a mouthwatering feast. However, do keep in mind that extra GST charges will be applicable. So, mark your calendars and treat yourself to a finger-licking Tuesday feast at KFC.

Is There Any Tuesday Special at KFC?

Yes, there’s indeed a Tuesday special at KFC, where customers can enjoy a fantastic deal. For the incredible price of just Rs. 239, you can have 6 mouthwatering items from the KFC menu. This special promotion is available exclusively on Tuesdays and offers tremendous value for money. Please note that an additional GST charge may apply to the total bill.

What makes this offer even better is that you don’t need any KFC Tuesday deal or promo code to avail of it. The discounted price is automatically applied when you order the special Tuesday package. It’s a hassle-free way to enjoy a scrumptious meal without the need to search for and enter any codes.

The six items included in this Tuesday special vary and may consist of some of the most beloved KFC dishes. This could range from the iconic Original Recipe chicken, juicy Hot Wings, flavorful Zinger burger, or crispy Popcorn Chicken. As the selection may vary slightly based on location, it’s worth checking with your local KFC outlet to find out which items are included in their Tuesday special.

Gathering your family or friends for a KFC feast on a Tuesday has never been so appealing.

What Are Some Other Ongoing Promotions at KFC?

  • Family Fill Up: Get a complete family meal with 8 pieces of chicken, a large cole slaw, 4 biscuits, and 2 large mashed potatoes with gravy.
  • Colonel’s Club: Join our loyalty program and receive exclusive offers, deals, and coupons directly to your email.
  • KFC App Deals: Download our mobile app and get access to special promotions, discounts, and app-only offers.
  • Bucket Meals: Enjoy a variety of bucket meal options with different combinations of chicken, sides, and drinks.
  • Combo Offers: Check our menu for combo deals that include chicken, sides, and a drink at a discounted price.
  • Limited-Time Offers: Keep an eye out for our rotating limited-time promotions that feature new menu items and unique flavors.
  • Online Ordering Deals: Place your order online and enjoy exclusive discounts and offers available only on our website.
  • Delivery Services: Take advantage of our delivery partners’ promotions, such as free delivery or discounted fees, when ordering KFC.

Instead of having a separate lunch menu, KFC offers it’s regular menu throughout the day, from open to close. Unlike many other fast-food chains, KFC doesn’t serve breakfast in most countries, aside from a few exceptions. So, whether you’re craving their famous fried chicken or any other item from their menu, you can enjoy it any time during their operating hours.

What Time Does KFC Normal Menu Start?

KFC, renowned for it’s scrumptious fried chicken, has become a staple in the fast-food industry. While many fast-food chains have introduced breakfast options to cater to early morning diners, KFC has maintained it’s focus on the traditional lunch and dinner menu. This means that the “lunch menu” at KFC is actually their regular menu, which is available from the moment the restaurant opens until it closes it’s doors for the day.

If youre looking to satisfy your cravings for KFCs finger-lickin good offerings, you can indulge in their lunch menu as soon as the restaurant opens in the morning. The exact time varies depending on the location, as KFC operates numerous stores across different time zones. However, most KFC outlets typically start serving their regular menu right from the early hours of the day.

Whether it’s a lunchtime craving or a mid-morning chicken fix, KFC has got you covered. With their regular menu available from open to close, you can savor the iconic flavors of KFC whenever hunger strikes. Indulge in their signature sides like creamy mashed potatoes, buttery biscuits, or tangy coleslaw, which perfectly complement their mouthwatering main courses.

So, the next time youre wondering when KFC starts serving lunch, you can rest assured knowing that it’s available right from the moment the restaurant opens for business.

Source: What Time Does KFC Start Serving Lunch? – Yahoo

Introducing the latest deal from KFC – the $10 box. This tantalizing offer includes an 8pc bucket of your choice, whether it’s the mouth-watering Chicken on the Bone or the heavenly Tenders. Bringing their signature blend of herbs and spices, KFC continues to satisfy cravings with this irresistible online exclusive. Don’t miss out on this finger-licking goodness, exclusively available on KFC.com and the KFC App.

Does KFC Have a $10 Box?

KFC is renowned for it’s delectable fried chicken, and fans of the fast-food chain are often on the lookout for exciting deals. One popular promotion that many customers inquire about is the highly sought-after $10 box. This special offer includes an 8-piece bucket of your preferred chicken: on the bone or tenders – all for just $It’s a true steal for fried chicken enthusiasts.

To avail this exclusive deal, customers must visit the KFC website or download the KFC app. Only through these platforms can you access this remarkable offer. KFC consistently aims to enthrall it’s loyal fan base with cost-effective options without compromising on taste or quality.

The $10 box features an ample serving of either classic chicken pieces or tantalizing chicken tenders. Excitingly, customers have the freedom to choose their preferred chicken type. Whether you enjoy the juicy and tender flavors of chicken tenders or prefer the satisfying crunch of chicken on the bone, this offer accommodates every palate.

Devoted KFC fans can rejoice as this coveted promotion showcases the signature taste of the popular fast-food chain. Being an exclusive deal, it highlights the commitment of KFC to provide affordable options without compromising the high standard of their food.

How to Redeem the $10 Box Offer at KFC

To redeem the $10 box offer at KFC, you can visit any participating KFC restaurant or use their mobile app. Simply mention the offer to the cashier or select it on the app. Pay the specified amount and you’ll receive the $10 box meal, which typically includes a combination of chicken, sides, and drink. Enjoy your meal!


Despite the ever-changing landscape of the fast-food industry, KFC has managed to maintain an enticing promotion that continues to draw in customers week after week. This ongoing deal not only serves as a testament to KFC's commitment to customer satisfaction and affordability but also highlights the brand's ability to adapt and remain relevant. Whether it's the mouthwatering aroma of their signature fried chicken or the enticing value of the 9 Pieces Tuesday deal, KFC proves time and time again that they’ve mastered the art of satisfying the cravings of chicken lovers everywhere.

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