How Much Is Valet at Yamashiro?

Nestled amid the enchanting Hollywood Hills, the iconic Yamashiro restaurant beckons visitors with it’s exquisite blend of Japanese aesthetics and Californian charm. Ensconced in a stunning historical landmark, this hidden gem isn’t only renowned for it’s delectable fusion cuisine but also for it’s thoughtful accommodation of guests' parking needs. Understanding the convenience and comfort that a valet service can provide, Yamashiro offers the option of valet parking for a reasonable rate of $8.00. Whether you come to indulge in the tantalizing flavors of the menu or to bask in the awe-inspiring panoramic views of Los Angeles, Yamashiro ensures that every aspect of your visit is filled with unrivaled pleasure, even from the moment you step out of your vehicle.

How Much Is Valet Parking at Yamashiro?

Yamashiro, the exquisite Japanese-inspired restaurant nestled in the Hollywood Hills, does indeed offer valet parking for the convenience of it’s patrons. For a modest fee of $8.00, guests can enjoy the luxury of having their vehicles parked by professional valets. This service provides a seamless and effortless experience, allowing visitors to focus solely on savoring the culinary delights that Yamashiro has to offer.

The convenience and peace of mind this service provides exemplify the restaurants commitment to creating a memorable dining experience from start to finish.

How Does Valet Parking Work at Yamashiro?

  • Yamashiro offers valet parking services
  • Upon arrival, guests can drive up to the entrance
  • A valet attendant will be present to greet and assist
  • Guests can hand over their keys to the valet attendant
  • The valet attendant will park the car in a designated area
  • When leaving, guests can request their car from the valet
  • The valet attendant retrieves the car and brings it to the guest
  • Guests can then drive away at their convenience
  • Valet parking offers convenience and ease for diners at Yamashiro
  • It ensures a hassle-free experience when visiting the restaurant
  • Yamashiro takes care of the parking, allowing guests to focus on enjoying their meal

Yamashiro, known for it’s rich history and iconic presence in Los Angeles, recently underwent a remarkable change in ownership. After witnessing numerous transformations throughout the years, including serving as a speakeasy and a protective shelter during World War II, this historical landmark was sold for a staggering $40 million to the Chinese investor, JE Group. Discover more about this significant transaction and the future prospects of Yamashiro in Adrienne Alpert’s illuminating report.

How Much Did Yamashiro Sell For?

Yamashiro, a historic and iconic landmark in Los Angeles, has undergone various transformations throughout it’s existence. Originally built as a private residence in 1914, it eventually transitioned into a popular Hollywood dining destination. However, it’s journey wasnt limited to just hosting glamorous events and serving exquisite cuisine. Over the years, Yamashiro experienced different phases and adaptations that added to it’s rich history.

During the prohibition era, Yamashiro transformed into a speakeasy, hidden among the hillsides lush greenery. It became a secret retreat for those seeking a taste of forbidden pleasures. As years passed, Yamashiro took on yet another identity, becoming a boys school, shaping young minds within it’s historic walls.

However, during the tumultuous times of World War II, Yamashiro faced a dark period. Fear of anti-Japanese sentiment drove the decision to board up the property, protecting it from potential vandalism. Despite these challenges, Yamashiro managed to preserve it’s original beauty and architectural grandeur.

In recent years, the ownership of Yamashiro shifted once again, this time to a Chinese investor named JE Group. Recognizing the historical and cultural significance of Yamashiro, the group made a notable investment, one that was valued at a staggering $40 million. This transaction not only showcased the global interest in preserving landmarks but also highlighted the universal appeal of Yamashiros charm.

Adrienne Alperts report sheds light on the significance of Yamashiro and it’s recent sale to JE Group. This move demonstrates the ever-evolving nature of iconic landmarks and their ability to transcend time and borders. As Yamashiro embarks on it’s new chapter, it’s certain to continue captivating visitors with it’s captivating history and enchanting ambiance.

Yamashiro Hollywood doesn’t have on-site parking facilities available. However, visitors can find the closest parking option at 6864 Bonita Terrace in Los Angeles. Additional information regarding parking can be found here.

Does Yamashiro Have Self Parking?

Yamashiro Hollywood, located in Los Angeles, unfortunately doesn’t provide on-site parking for it’s visitors. However, there’s an alternative parking option available nearby at 6864 Bonita Terrace. This off-site parking facility offers a convenient location for guests to park their vehicles while visiting Yamashiro.

Yamashiro Hollywoods unique ambiance, combined with it’s delicious cuisine and panoramic views, make it an unforgettable dining experience. Visitors are encouraged to plan ahead and take advantage of the off-site parking facilities to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to this renowned restaurant.


With a fee of only $8.00, patrons can confidently rely on Yamashiro's valet service, enhancing their visit and ensuring a seamless and enjoyable dining experience.

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