Does Panda Express Use Peanuts?

Nutrition is a critical aspect of our daily lives, and understanding the ingredients used in our favorite meals is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One popular restaurant that’s gained immense popularity for it’s delectable Asian cuisine is Panda Express. However, for individuals with allergies or dietary restrictions, it’s crucial to be aware of the ingredients used in their dishes. One common query that arises is whether Panda Express utilizes peanuts in their recipes. To address this concern, it’s essential to note that Panda Express, like many other establishments, utilizes ingredients that may contain all the major FDA allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, soy, and wheat. It’s important to consider this information when dining at Panda Express and to communicate any dietary restrictions or allergies to the staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

Is Panda Express Peanut Allergy Safe?

Panda Express takes food allergies seriously, especially peanut allergies, which can be life-threatening for some individuals. They’ve a strict policy of not using peanuts or peanut products in any of their dishes. This is great news for those who’ve peanut allergies and have been craving Chinese food.

Additionally, Panda Express provides detailed information about their menu items, including allergens, on their website. This allows customers to make informed decisions about what to order based on their dietary needs. It’s always recommended to check the ingredient list and communicate with restaurant staff, as recipes and ingredients may vary slightly at different Panda Express locations.

The staff is trained to handle such requests and can assist in providing allergy-safe options.

Individuals with nut allergies should be cautious and consult the menu and staff for allergen information.

How Does Panda Express Prevent Cross-Contamination With Peanuts in Their Kitchen?

Panda Express takes several measures to prevent cross-contamination with peanuts in their kitchen. They’ve separate designated areas and utensils specifically used for handling peanuts and peanut-containing ingredients. These areas and utensils are strictly segregated from non-peanut ingredients to minimize the risk of cross-contact. Additionally, the staff at Panda Express undergoes thorough training on food safety practices, including the proper handling and storage of peanuts. Regular cleaning and sanitization procedures are followed to eliminate any potential traces of peanuts. These measures ensure that customers with peanut allergies can enjoy their meals with confidence.

However, it’s important to be mindful of portion sizes and avoid high-sodium sauces and fried options. Additionally, incorporating plenty of vegetables and lean proteins into your meal can make Panda Express a nutritious choice. So, let’s dive into the nutritional breakdown of popular Panda Express dishes and find out if it truly can be a healthy dining option.

Is Panda Express Healthy at All?

Panda Express offers a variety of menu options that can be tailored to fit different dietary preferences. With choices such as steamed vegetables, grilled chicken, and brown rice, there are plenty of healthier options to choose from. These options are low in calories and saturated fats, making them a good choice for those looking to maintain a healthy diet.

Source: The Healthiest Panda Express Menu Items You Can Order


It’s important to note that the nutrition facts may vary due to regional and seasonal ingredient differences, packaging variations, and the fact that menu items are individually hand served.

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